Is Park Reach a Sustainable Development?

Sustainability can mean many things. If it means 'does the scheme have environment credentials', then yes, the scheme has high levels of fabric insulation, really excellent quality windows, a good well proven heating systems and a solar farm on the roof that will generate a great deal of electricity and potentially power your next car.

Sustainability, to us though has broader meaning. It means 'forever'. Our Ethos is that if you are a customer once, you are a customer forever. 

'Forever' is a very long time, and we cannot say in all honesty that our work will last that long. Park Reach is being build to very high standards around a low maintenance philosophy with the intention of it having a very long life. We are also putting in a regime under which people can really feel ownership for their asset because...well...they will actually own it. 

The building will be free of on-site fossil fuels and will be a significant renewable electricity generator as well as a user of grid electricity that is now surpassing 30% renewable sourced in the UK. 

The building will conversely contain a great deal of masonry in the floors, walls and foundations. This is quite intensive in terms of initial carbon use but is essential we feel for longevity and our investment is in total life-cycle carbon performance. Put simply 'quite intensive' divided by 'very long time' is a sustainable formula, for us, for you, for our planet. 

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