Park Reach - A Good Investment?

Here’s a slightly long winded answer, but please bear with us!


Feltham is all about investment. Sometimes this means we invest in land and buildings, even pensions and equities…… but that is quite a narrow meaning of the term and not really good enough for us.


Feltham has had the same fundamental ethos since 1972 and has been building upon this ever since. We spend about half of our time building buildings and the other half building upon our ethos.


If you are established enough to remember 1972, it was a year of great political and economic unrest long before the advent of email, the internet, social media or the mobile phone. It was the year that the first cashpoint machine went into use in the UK and the first mass credit card became available. It was also the year that the first hypermarket was build in the UK.  


1972 was the year that possibly marked the slow decline of the local butcher and baker in favour of the mass market goods. Reputation mattered little to many in the years that followed because mass advertising could sell just about anything to an unsuspecting public who didn’t really have any means of finding out much of the quality or market response to a product. Needless to say demand for quality deteriorated in many cases only to be eventually restored thanks largely to the advent of the internet and information freedom. We nowadays take it for granted that we can research and review a product or company without knowing this is a fairly recent and very welcome resource.


In 1972, Feltham said that it would always do the best it could, in the long term, and this ethos would be its investment whether it was seen and heard by a thousand people or none at all. It said back in 1972 that it would sometimes make mistakes and we always learn from them and would always put them right at its own cost. It said that long term relationships where everything because growth and prosperity in the long term relied on maintaining and investing in these relationships.


In building Park Reach, we strive to invest in you, our buyer, in the long term. We consider our design in the greatest detail and we ask ourselves how we can strive towards ‘forever’ and create buildings and relationships that transcend time. An investment in us, in you, in our children and our planet. We think about maintenance costs and about ownership in the true sense and the appreciation in value that goes with it. If you are our customer today, you are our customer forever.


This is why our product is incomparable and why Park Reach is a good investment.


We are also pleased to announce the return of the local coffee shop, butcher, baker, juice bar and craft store. Long may they prosper....

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